Merkules - "Kill 'Em All" feat. Fredro Starr" (prod. by Vanderslice)

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Slaughtering the phonies with the mic and beats as their weapon, Merkules and Fredro of Onyx are here to put your speakers on blast with their nightmarish Hip Hop sound in 2015 on "Kill 'Em All". Listen as Merk takes shots and blazes at the industry on his full-length LP "Scars" now available at iTunes.

Hip Hop Group WURTH Pay Tribute To Time, Trust, Peace & Love On "Horizons"

With a cool-out 90's Jazz boom-bap vibe reminiscent of Souls Of Mischief's classic debut and reflective lyrics, Reno Nevada Hip Hop crew WURTH recognize time, trust, peace and love as the most important things in life on "Horizons". On this song Hip Hop is pleasant as a dream yet rugged at the same time as hard drums combined with a dusty sample of a Rhodes keys melody serve as the sonic foundation for this group to represent the beauty of life.

DJ K.O. - "Taking a New Step 2.0" (ft. Silent Knight) + "Living Out A State Of Mind" Remaster

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"Back in late '09 to early '11, DJ K.O., Silent Knight, MadKem, East, Analogic, Madwreck + extended fam released 12 EPs to stay sharp. Those recordings have been unavailable for the last few years, and now we're proud to bring a select few back! We've selected 12 songs out of the 62 that were released during the series, and with the help of @MixEngineerK1dd, had them remastered.

As a thank you to all who supported the "Living Out a State of Mind" EP series over the years, we're offering up one of those recordings, "Taking a New Step" (produced by @SeeMore), with a brand new verse from Silent Knight for free download!

Join us in celebrating the official release of these "Living Out a State of Mind" recordings and pre-order via iTunes today!" - Elementality Productions

Jackie Wilson, Abigail & Chris Hatfield Treasure The Moment Of Love On "Gone"

Show this soulful trio some love or their bound to move on as Jackie Wilson, Abigail & Chris Hatfield merge a joyful swing of rhythm with songwriting about heartache during the trials of love on "Gone".

The Ohio Players Are Out To Reset The Music Industry In 2015 On Their New Album Campaign

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The Funk is most definitely back as The Ohio Players return with a new album and mission to groove you with their distinct sound of songwriting. The groundbreaking band from Dayton, Ohio known for numerous chart-topping hits such as "Rollercoaster", "Skin Tight" and album classics such as "Sweet Sticky Thing" and "Funky Worm" recognize their unparalleled contributions and influence upon music in their Indiegogo campaign, share their purpose as musicians today and give you a taste of the new music their working on. If you appreciate the Players sound, head over to Indiegogo and support before the deadline ends!

Below, Diamond & Kuumba of Ohio Players site down with their local news station to give some insight on the history of Funk including the many great groups to shape the genre who came from Dayton and all-time greats of music who influenced the group.

Jazzkeys & UNOMI Describe The Joys Of Lovemaking On "Moonbreeze"

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The creative storytelling and Jazz vibe of "Moonbreeze" is bound to put a smile on your face like as producer/keyboardist Jazzkeys arranges a smooth upright bass-driven groove for MC UNOMI to describe the joy of lovemaking. Envision paradise from this duo's perspective as classic 90's-style Jazz-Hop in the vein of Trends Of Culture and The Roots is revived and taken to a new level by a talented MC and keyboardist/producer who create an audible experience of the bump and grind.

2015 Japan Reissues Of Rare Soul: Natural High, Lewis Connection, Ingram Kingdom & More

When it comes to making you feel good and reflecting the best moments in life through music, Japanese reissue labels P-Vine and Clink bring joy by reviving rare Soul music from obscure bands of the 70's. Listen and purchase your copy of reissues which feature different expressions of addictive Soul music which are all unified by the idea of love and music as a message. From the funky Volt Records-style led by a female vocalist approach of The Ingram Kingdom, smooth love ballads and upbeat jams of Natural High to the jazzy vibe of vibraphonist Billy Wooten.

INGRAM KINGDOM, The - The Ingram Kingdom (KTI Japan) limited CD + obi strip

TERRELL, Freddie & THE SOUL EXPEDITION - Freddie Terrell & The Soul Expedition (P-Vine Japan) CD

NATURAL HIGH - Natural High 1 (Clink Japan) limited CD + obi strip

WOOTEN, Billy - Lost Tapes (P-Vine Japan) limited CD + obi strip

LEWIS CONNECTION, The - The Lewis Connection (P-Vine Japan) limited CD + obi strip

Take A Stroll On The Blvd. With "Bay Area Grease" by Defenders of Funk

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The groove and grit is real as this lively band get down to uphold a sound raw enough to make your face scrunch yet smooth enough to make you relax as Defenders of Funk. Enjoy the sounds of "Bay Area Grease" now available at iTunes and CD Baby as the outstanding character and presence of these Funk traditionalists touches your soul in 10 funky instrumentals.

In Love & Music, Rock Band Driven By Clarity Can See It In Your Eyes

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Driven to Clarity, a Baltimore-based band whose diverse palette draws from such genres as funk, folk, rock and pop, has entertained audiences throughout the east coast. Starting as a guitar and vocal duo, Andy Branigan and Dave Cohen shared the stage with such acts as Patti Smith, Sam Sparrow and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

Baltimore Soul: The Music Of Dionne Kirby, Butch and Rhonda Coleman

It's destination straight ahead as three talented songwriters bring soulful sounds and positive vibes to drive your rhythm of life. Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Dionne Kirby & Butch and Rhonda Coleman create a world where everything's perfect with pleasant harmonies and reassuring lyrics to soothe your soul. Daydream a dream over and over again as these rising talents lend their imagination as a means to change your life through music.

"Singer, songwriter and producer Dionne Kirby (professionally known as Dionne), is a contemporary soul-singing recording artist, whose songwriting skills caught the attention of Billboard, with her first EP release “Living In The Music”. Dionne has performed in various major cities throughout the U. S. including: New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Atlanta and has graced the stage with respected entertainers in the industry, such as Jennifer Holliday, Jillian Michaels, Tanya Blount and Niecy Nash. With her upcoming new album being released independently, Dionne will captivate audiences with her signature melodic vibrations and uplifting lyrical content."

"Hailing from Baltimore, MD, contemporary/smooth jazz artists Butch and Rhonda Coleman are soulful songwriters whose coolly creative musicianship has created an atmosphere of positive energy and harmony. On their latest release, “Night Sketches,” Butch’s soothing bass and Rhonda’s vocals take the listener through the many turns of love. Opening your heart with “Here I Go” and gliding it through “Carry My Heart” and “We Belong Together”, each song teaches the lesson that when it comes to love, you don’t get to choose."

Saga - "Eye" (Official Video) & "From Out The Shadow EP" (prod. by Marco Polo)

When the past is like a weight on his back, Saga moves forward using the power of Hip Hop to bring significance to his current existence and form a path using his "Eye". The weapon of choice is beats and bars as the talent lyricist lets his mind spray over a dramatic banger of an instrumental produced by Marco Polo. From Saga's "From Out of the Shadows EP" produced entirely by Marco Polo.

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 7: The Modern Groovemaster

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This installment of Around The Web In Breakbeats is led by the new music of an influential and groundbreaking drummer and rising artists who push the envelope of Funk expression and Fusion driven by Funk. The great Bernard Purdie joins Groovemaster on their 2015 single for a jazzy and modernized cover version of Purdie's '67 classic "Modern Jive".

Following Pretty Purdie is the funky Blues of ex-Trampled Under Foot singer/bassist/songwriter Danielle Nicole from her debut on Concord Records, heavy Afro-Funk by Onomo Agemo, the dreamy Fusion sound of drummer/bandleader Pat Van Dyke plus more emerging artists who present a colorful spectrum of Funk for the new millennium.

The Spotify half of Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 7 is more hard-edged and soulful than the above with neck-snapping breaks and a collage of styles coming from a variety of bands, from the romantic swing of soul singer Dwele on "Swank" and the laid-back Funk groove of Magic In Threes to   the upbeat energy of Monophonics and The Mighty Mocambos.

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