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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
IceRocks of DXA Releases "Live From The Bunker", Visits East NY Radio

By JR on 8:14 AM

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"DXA Records would like to present Live From The Bunker, Producer IceRocks follow up to Bunker Beats. Unlike the instrumental beat tape, Live From The Bunker features lyrics. There are the usual suspects, Meyhem Lauren, DXA, and AG Da Corner (among others), as well as first time collaborators Blabbermouf, PF CUTTIN, and DJ M-Tri. The Live From The Bunker release invites listeners to IceRocks inner circle of artists, presenting a diversity of styles. The experience can be accessed through cassettes, vinyl, graphics and merch. Inside the vinyl sleeves find a comic by artist Sabin Cauldron that illustrates the story of Live From The Bunker. Sabin’s black and white graphics further adds to the album’s post apocalyptic feel.

Live From The Bunker is a statement piece. It showcases an impressive selection of artists that IceRocks works with. There are live instrumentation from musicians, as well as samples which weave together the fabric of the album and the rappers enrich with their lyrics, content and flow. Between tracks are audio snippets that instruct the listener what to do if they need to bunker up for a period of time. The album intends to act as a survival guide."

Soul Conversations Radio Play New Music, Chat With Tall Black Guy

"Soul Conversations Radio Show is a collaboration between DJ Kimmiwah and DJ YZO. The radio show curates a musical journey through modern soul, chilled grooves, jazz, hip hop, house music, down tempo and more. Thrilled to showcase underground music, Soul Conversations hosts, also interview some of the most talented national and indie singers, musicians, poets and hip-hop artist in the industry."

This episode includes a super-producer @tallblackguyproductions Interview. Make sure you get the limited edition " A Franklin Black Excursion" 7" on his Bandcamp Page.…ck-excursion

Catch new episodes of Soul Conversations Radio Show every Saturday 17:00 Irish time

R Cory Johnson & Band Of Destiny - "A Musical Christmas For The Soul"

"Ladies, gents, and Christmas music's that time of year again, and we want to share a very great Christmas project with you.

This album features Band of Destiny and a collaboration of many of your favorite musicians and singers that have been a part of our musical family over the years. All of these great songs feature appearances by:

Leon Timbo, Chantae Cann, Rick Watford, Jade Harrell, Derrieux Edgecombe, Mike Ferguson, Kendra Cash, Alex Hill, Clay Benjamin, Rick Benjamin, Juan Rollan, Will Neal, Jerry Henderson, Michael Taylor, Carlos Torres, Sam Rodriguez, Jeremy McIntyre, Phoebe Farrell, Dennis Marion, Sam Johnson, Carlos Williams, and Terry "Doc" Handy.

It's available for only $10, and you can go to RIGHT NOW to purchase it!!! For those who already own it, buy another copy and give it to a friend or family member.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

~ CoJo"

Hip Hop Duo CRIMEAPPLE & DJ Skizz Create Magic Like "Siegfried"

By JR on 7:14 AM

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DJ Skizz & CRIMEAPPLE give you something to behold like a magic show in 3 minutes of aggressive Hip Hop on "Siegfried". Listen as CRIMEAPPLE shows off lyrically and gets revenues like a tiger in one straight verse of microphone wizardry. DJ Skizz provides a dramatic soundscape to describe the serious attitude of a lyricist who's determined to leave an impression.

produced by DJ Skizz
live bass played by Jake Bowman

Apathy & Nottz Display Inhuman Capabilities On "Alien Weaponry"

By JR on 9:45 AM

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"After coming off the release of 'Perestroika,' one of last year’s best collaborative LP’s alongside the legendary O.C., underground rap stalwart Apathy returns with a vengeance with the debut leak, “Alien Weaponry,” which serves as the debut leak off his long awaited sixth solo LP, 'The Widow’s Son.'"

Soul Singer L. Young Reflects On Heartbreak With "The Perfect Crime"

By JR on 7:05 AM

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Feel the headache and pain of L. Young who uses classic Soul sound to explore the hurt which dwells deep within. On the slow-grooving "The Perfect Crime", Young uses his vocal and songwriting ability as therapy to transform heartbreak into a moment of beauty as music. Enjoy this limited-time leaked song from L. Young's upcoming 2018 EP "The Rest of My Life."

Singers Myra Smith & Donald Hurdle Recognize Love On "You Will Know"

By JR on 5:49 PM

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Never take love for granted again once you experience the heartwarming duet of singers Myra Smith & Donald Hurdle on "You Will Know". This powerful union of man and woman journey from sun up to sun down in a vivid musical depiction of when a couple yearn for love. From Myra's 22017 album "Sunday Kinda Love".

Idris Davis & Carol Riddick Pay Tribute To Women On "Love Will"

In a world that's tough, MC Idris Davis & singer Carol Riddick find strength and solace within the heart of a woman on the inspirational tune "Love Will". Crafted with the polish of a radio hit and fortified with deep lessons of life in rhyme, Idris & Carol praise the qualities of a good woman on this groovy and soulful Hip Hop/R&B jam.

Disco-Funk-Soul Band The Chequers Release Bonus Tracks From '76

By JR on 4:23 PM

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In 1976, The Chequers merge love and happiness on the dance floor with revolutionary attitude and social consciousness on the funk-filled journey of "Check Us Out". Enjoy the raw sound which this obscure band brings in two albums worth of Disco/Funk/Soul fusion, featuring newly-released bonus tracks and demos.

'97 Single by Brooklyn MC Sho-Nuf, Now Available As Test-Press 12"

By JR on 2:17 PM

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Representing the Big Apple and Bed-Stuy BK to the fullest, Sho-Nuf remains blessed with humility, confidence and mic skills as his medium for everyday survival in the hood. Hittin pressure points hard with each and every blow, Sho-Nuf hits hard on the mic with a dose of ghetto reality. Take a taste on this rare 12" test pressing, now available here at Discogs.

Bishop Lamont, Rapper Pooh & Focus… Embrace Reality On "Are You Ready"

On a moment of reflection, former Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont, Rapper Pooh, Wyann Vaughn, Ram Dass & Focus… remind us of how well-prepared we are to approach real life. Enjoy as 4 MCs prep for their progression with truthful messages through beats and rhymes on "Are You Ready".

Fel Sweetenberg Rocks The Mic For EFFISCIENZ On "The Drill"

By JR on 12:35 PM

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One murderous verse, no hook as MC Fel Sweetenberg performs about 3 minutes of lyrical exercise on "The Drill". From the 2018 album by EFFISCIENZ "Out Of Nowhere", feat. Roc Marciano, Ed O.G. and more.

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