Video: DJ Rob Swift, Kevin Powell, Ralph McDaniels & Wes Jackson Discuss Hip Hop & Brooklyn's History

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Enjoy insight into life & Hip Hop history as greats of the culture come together to talk about past and present life in the borough known as Brooklyn. Wes Jackson, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, brings Ralph McDaniels (a.k.a. Uncle Ralph) and DJ Rob Swift to the stage to talk about their work in Hip Hop in Brooklyn and beyond as part of the series, Told It First Hand: Conversations with Hip Hop's "Do-ers." Wes Jackson, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, moderates a discussion between Kevin Powell, Founder of BK Nation, and Scott Stedman, Founder of Northside Media Group, on gentrification and an ever-changing Brooklyn.

Sunshine Is Waiting For You On "Sweet Communication" by The Soulnaturals

The Soulnaturals give messages of hope within a distinctive sound of UK Soul as the 70's essence of Isaac Hayes blend with modern production ideas for an uplifting vibe Neo-Soul. Each song provides a solution to life's obstacles driven by songwriting which is filled with compassion and generosity toward human kind in a sound that soothes and grooves. Turn this album on to provide a resource of faith that empowers as The Soulnaturals drive your heart, strength and desire to party through soulful music.

Banda Black Rio - "Maria Fumaça" (Limited 180 Gram Vinyl Reissue & LP Stream)

This band from Brazil bring a mix of Tower of Power and Kool & The Gang's energy and funky sounds sprinkled with Latin musical influences throughout for a great party time in music. If you don't already have this outstanding album of Funk fusion released in '77, grab the 2014 limited 180 gram vinyl reissue here at Amazon and enjoy the album stream!

Eric Lau - "Without A Doubt" with Gwen Bunn & "What I Do" with Kid Fonque & Nia Andrews

UK producer Eric Lau sets of Fall of 2014 with a couple of soulful grooves featuring the lovely voices of female vocalists Gwen Bunn and Nia Andrews, a joyful soundtrack for the season. "What I Do" shows Eric Lau tapping into the heartbeat of Nia Andrews with an upbeat bounce to tell a story of what people do when caught up in love.

"Without A Doubt" thumps with a Dilla-inspired rhythm as Gwen Bunn draws from the back of her mind to project her visions of love using her soothing vocal tone and storytelling ability. The dreamy arrangement of lead and background vocals which flow smoothly against Lau's guitar groove on "Without" creates an ear-opening union of Soul and Hip Hop while "What I Do" serves as an uptempo dancefloor groove of progressive Soul.

2Pac - "N.I.G.G.A." (Astronote - Unreleased 2009 RMX)

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Never ignorant gettin' goals accomplished, Astronote adds his futuristic bounce to breathe new life into the rebellious words of 2Pac and his crew. "N.I.G.G.A." thumps with an inspirational vibe as Astro combines uplifting piano chords with spacey synths against a neck snapping groove for a unique and astrological sound of Hip Hop. For an progressive approach to beatmaking, the French producer creates a great union of rawness on the drums with a more futuristic vibe in his keyboard arrangements.

Future Flavas Radio 2014: Marley Marl Dips In The Archives For Rare Freestyles, Remixes & Demos

Enjoy a couple hours of treats as DJ Marley Marl takes a trip back to his Future Flavas Radio program, a an outstanding example of Hip Hop to bless the tri-state NYC airwaves during the 90's. Includes promos specially-made for the show which featured Hip Hop greats rhyming over Pete Rock and Marley's beats, freestyles and song selections by the legendary duo. Audio Ripped from Ustream by Stieflkater of PhilaFlava

"Here Today" by Andre Espeut's Quintet

Singer Andre Espeut and Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel are feeling fine and living their life as their appreciation for life is expressed in the jazzy and joyful Brazilian groove of "Here Today". Andre Espeut’s and his Quintet return to light up your life with their follow up their debut release ‘Let It Go / Rising” released in 2013.

"Very nice song" - Danny Krivit

"Those guys struck gold with this tune!!!" - Craig Charles - The Funk & Soul Show - BBC6

Vocals & Co Production - Andre Espeut
Drums - Raphael Delphino
Bass - Matheus Nova
Keys - Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet - Eikel Venegas Hernandez
Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Louis Baker & Jordan Rakei - "Just Want To Thank You" (Red Bull Music Academy limited edition 7")

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For his Red Bull Music Academy limited edition 7" Louis Baker & Jordan Rakei evoks positivity and self-assurance with each note as they pays thanks for good company using shades of soulful songwriting. Side A features the duo backed by a neck-snapping groove driven by soothing Rhodes melody while Side B presents a mellow performance of acoustic Soul, both showcasing outstanding vocalists who know what they want when it comes to moving you and opening your mind with song.

J.Nolan x Reese Jones - "Cheers to Life" ft. Jae Franklin

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J.Nolan lights up the mic with aspirations of success, blending visions of escapism and the finer things in life with determination on "Cheers To Life". Trying to make a living something different from the pain, J gives a moments for anyone to dream of freedom as he showcases his talent as a wordsmith and storyteller accompanied by the lovely voice of singer Jae Franklin. The first official release from the project "Keep It Cordial".

Find A Moment Of Peace In Music With "Breeze" by Rudolfs Macats Trio

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Rudolfs Macats set a tone of peace and serenity in Jazz which is reflective and soothing blended with moments which provide a rush of energy. Relax in the cool "Breeze" of Rudolfs Macats Trio who express the inner thoughts and journey of the mind as it reflects upon life. This band inspire without words to tell "a story about an adult person who is loosing faith in him self. Traveler who tries to find the way back to his childhood happiness, back to inner peace and serenity."

Rudolfs Macats - Piano
Marco Zenini - Bass
Pit Dahm - Drums

All the Music Composed and Arranged by Rudolfs Macats Except for "Stream Of Consciousness" by Marco Zenini and "French Poem" by Pit Dahm

Recorded in "Fattoria Musica" (04.05.2013 and 05.05.2013)
Sound Engineer Stephan Wylick
Mixing by Kriss Veismanis
Producing and Artworks by Rudolfs Macats.

Lack Of Afro Present "Analogue Soul" Samples & Performs Live On Craig Charles Funk Show

Ain't nothin' but a party goin' on as Lack Of Afro band deliver Funk grooves, breaks and loops at it's finest for their royalty-free sample kit "Analogue Soul" (Download at and perform live on Craig Charles Funk Show. Get out of your seat to the festive groove of this band as they inject energy in a series of instrumental and vocal compositions for your entertainment.

For producers, feel free to dig into the "Analogue Soul" sample kit for plenty of inspiration from the authentic Funk sound and arrangements offered.

Adam Gibbons (bass, drums, percussion)
George Cooper (keys, drums)
Lukas Drinkwater & Adam Gibbons (guitar)
Mike Bandoni (drums)

Kenny McNeil Envisions Light At The End Of The Tunnel On "We'll Find A Way" (Pop Orchestral Mix)

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Written & performed by Kenny McNeil, "We'll Find A Way" envisions the urgency within a seeker of a light through the storm in a powerful and inspirational piece of Pop Orchestral songwriting. Grasp your inner light and reach for the goal as Kenny leads the way, featuring updated piano and strings orchestration by Jonathan Anand Wesley, with production & mixing by Matthew Shell of MTS Music.

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