Righteouz Knight Rocks Mics For The Lord on "Abstrakt Theory"

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"Known for his classic underground lyrical style, no-sellout attitude, and a true life story that would make the most rugged person relate, emcee/producer Righteouz Knight has cemented his name in the underground over the last few years. Sharing tracks and stages with artists and producers like: Andy Mineo, Canibus, Timothy Brindle, Datin, C-lance, Theory Hazit and Sho Baraka he has mingled with some heavy hitters.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape "The Prequel Mixtape" Volume 2 which shook the underground scene and knocked the snap backs off heads. RK is back with his highly anticipated full length album "Abstrakt Theory". This is a full length album that is presented in mixtape format by philly's own DJ Average Joe."

Traktor Releases DJ 1.5 for iPad and iPhone, Freddie Joachim Shows His Setup

The art of the DJ is becoming more hands-on, thanks to the technology of Traktor software which has now been updated with new functionality for the iPad & iPhone. Watch as NI demonstrates the power of version 1.5 which features new ability for slicing and triggering.

Improvise like never before with the SuperSlicer add-on – available for purchase in-app*. Slice up your tracks and deconstruct loops using Scratch, Brake, Reverse, Slice or even Pitch-Shift effects. SuperSlicer introduces a whole new way to remix.

For playing DJs sets and gaining inspiration for making music, producer Freddie Joachim shows his method for triggering sounds, adding effects and blending music on-the-fly with Traktor. His set-up consists of Traktor software which is controlled by the cue-points and effects of a Behringer DC1 unit, an audio 10 Native Instrument Traktor Box, a Serato Box, sounds from Ableton, two Technics and a standard 2-channel Vestax mixer. Using a creative combination of cue-point and triggered effect usage, Freddie is able to perform sets, entertain and be more creative as a DJ/producer with the extra edge of Behringer's and Traktor's sound manipulation resources at hand.

Gérald "G's Way" Delivers Cinematic Afro Jazz-Funk on "Patchwork"

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"Almost 3 years after the release of his first album "Seventy Seven" G's Way is back with his new album entitled "Patchwork". It is with the same ingredients that G's Way comes to light: a powerful rhythm section, served by a heavy brass section and talented soloists from the international scene. Still influenced by his mentors like Fania all stars, Deodato, or Fela Kuti and Grover Wahington Junior, "Patchwork" offers us a journey from funk to Latin music, through jazz and afro-beat. But this time, "G's Way" has invited 3 rappers to complete this musical revolution, marking a major change compared to Seventy Seven .. With this touch of Hip-hop, "Patchwork" finally lives up to its name, and bring G's Way in another dimension."

G's Way is:
Gérald"GG"Bonnegrace: percussions, trumpet, trombone, keys, backing vocals on "One Nation"
Sylvain"Sly"Fetis: tenor, baritone saxophone and flute
Thierry"Jp Groov"Jean-Pierre: bass
Stefane Goldman: guitar
Sonny Troupé: drums

James Brown - "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" (Orchestral Funk Cover by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox ft. Morgan James)

Enter an alternate universe of pop music as Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox put today's hit songs into a time machine and revisit all-time classics in 2014 and beyond. Singer Morgan James leads the way for an exciting cover of It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World, an orchestral Funk James Brown Cover which is one of the modern remakes you can hear at iTunes and YouTube by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox.

Jazz Soul Seven Pay Tribute To An Icon On "Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield"

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"While he may not be as recognized as Stevie Wonder or James Brown, Curtis Mayfield left an indelible mark on American popular music as a pioneering instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and R&B producer. His compositions—including the score for the iconic blaxploitation film Super Fly (1972)—are compelling, incorporating the heritage of urban soul and gospel music and providing socially conscious messages—commentaries on the Vietnam War, inner city poverty, drug abuse and the tumultuous struggles of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. His legacy is celebrated on Impressions of Curtis Mayfield by the Jazz Soul Seven, a band of ace jazz stars whose members include older and younger "groove aficionados" such guitarist Phil Upchurch and drummer Terri Lyne Carrington." - allaboutjazz.com

Gangstarr - 2003 Performance And Interview In Austria For "The Ownerz"

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During The Ownerz, Guru and Preme were determined as ever to voice their beliefs about Hip Hop while leaving behind dope music in their mission as keepers of the culture's traditional elements. Enjoy a 30 minute presentation of food for thought by DJ Premier intercut with him and The Guru rocking the stage for Austria in 2003.

DJ Devastate's Sit Down & Shut Up! Mix Showcases a Colorful New Spectrum Of Hip Hop

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"Talk is cheap and good music is priceless. This mix compiled by Swedish DJ/producer Devastate from Counterweight Records showcases the label's musical ambitions mixing classic boom bap sounds with soulful beats and various jazzy instrumental gems. It’s an one hour mix filled with laid back music that demands you to sit down, be quiet and really listen. Enjoy!

This Cloudcast features tracks from Dexter, Pete Rock CL Smooth (Freddie Cruger RMX), Kev Brown, IAMNOBODI and Robert Glasper (9th Wonder's Blue Light Basement Remix) (featuring Erykah Badu & Phonte)

DJ Devastate (Sweden) has dropped various instrumental projects and also produced artists like: Ed O.G, El Da Sensei, Masta Ace, Reks, Termanology and many others. His earlier mixtape releases include collaborations with BBE Records, Fremdtunes, Basementality and Waxpoetics.

Counterweight Records just dropped their first single “Medicine” Featuring ADL available on 7” vinyl through their website, also out as a digital release."

Counterweight records: www.counterweight.se - www.twitter.com/cwrecs
DJ Devastate: www.twitter.com/djdevastate - www.soundcloud.com/djdevastate

Artwork: Jonas Hilmersson

For The Lover In You, Moe & Anni Sing An Acoustic Rendition Of "This Is" by Shamalar

The emerging duo of Moe & Anni delight with a pleasant union of classic songwriting touched by a modern tone of electronic R&B production on an acoustic cover of the Shalamar classic "This Is For The Lover In You". Enjoy a moment of happiness as the two form a memorable union as vocalist who are equipped with talent and Soul soothe your emotions.

Audio: Sonny Knight & The Lakers Bring Funk & Soul To An NPR Studio Performance

After 50 years since his debut, veteran Soul singer Sonny Knight continues to leaves a strong impression as a lead vocalist with his new band The Lakers who unite to shed light on the art of Funk and Soul. Joined by in-house Secret Stash Records funky drummer Eric Foss, Sonny Knight and The Lakers rock NPR's World Cafe for a 20 minute set of tunes from their album "I'm Still Here" on Secret Stash Records.

Random 90's Clips 3: Early 90's Gangsterism & Knowledge Makes Way For A New Era Of Hardcore

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In this volume of 90's clips one of the most horrifying Hip Hop crews make their debut while the Gods drop knowledge and a Queens legend kicks the Ill Street Blues. Just a taste of what's expected in this flashback to an era of Hip Hop where a unique mix of individuality, street knowledge, skill and intellect reigned supreme.

Michael Jackson - "They Don't Really Care About Us" (Daniel Crawford MJX Mix)

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Daniel's passion for identifying the issues of American society and finding solutions for them translates into the beautiful sound of "They Don't Really Care About Us". This tribute to Michael Jackson showcases Daniel's musical vision as one which merges beauty of sound with the realness of life, a marriage of thoughts and creativity designed to help heal the world. This re-release of They Don't Really Care About Us (Daniel Crawford MJX Mix) comes at a fitting time to bring a new voice of hope during the aftermath of difficult times in our society.

Mini-Doc: The New Yorker Takes A Look At The History Of The Vocoder

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Enjoy a cool look into music history as The New Yorker magazine shows you how society has flipped the Vocoder from an industrial purpose to rocking the dance floor. This mini documentary explores the vocoder in settings ranging from the Second World War to Kraftwerk parties, featuring interviews with Laurie Anderson, Cozmo D, Dave Tompkins, and Frank Gentges.

Once you finish watching the mini doc, enjoy The Vocoder Mix by Danbo which displays the musical gift of this unique invention between the sounds of artists of various eras.

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