The Livin' Proof Producer Collective Remix Classics by Jay-Z & 50 Cent

Hailing from London England, Livin' Proof Music turn up with Trap music energy for their remixes of Jay-Z's "Can I Get A" and 50's "What Up Gangsta". This emerging crew understand the essence of a NY club banger and add their own flair to these classics by transforming and modernizing the groove. Visit Livin' Proof on Soundcloud for more Hip Hop and R&B remixes!

Video: Lil' Dap & Melachi The Group Home Promote Their Debut In '95 On Rap City

Word to the nutcracker, Lil' Dap & Melachi The Group Home not only represent the low budget environment but an energetic and youthful spirit as promising newcomers to emerge from the Gangstarr Foundation on their 1995 debut "Livin' Proof". Watch as the duo kick it with Joe Clair on Rap City to introduce the LP as they speak their clout about the meaning behind their movement. It's clear from this interview that The Group Home are on a mission to be not just another underground act repping the hood but bonafide supastars in their own right.

Extra Medium - "Onward 'Til Morning" / "Red Clay" feat. Buscrates, Miles Bonny & Sam Champ

Witness the futuristic sounds in Jazz/Soul as Extra Medium unites with Buscrates, Miles Bonny, Farnell Newtown & Sam Champ come with some fantastic interpretations of two classic tunes by Donald Byrd and Freddie Hubbard!

Purchase your copy of "Onward 'Til Morning" / "Red Clay" on 7" vinyl here at Juno.

Audio: J. Sands Of Lone Catalysts & Hasan Salaam Visit The Halftime Radio Show

2014 shows a resurgence of Lone Catalyst MC J. Sands on a tribute to the Hip Hop DJ and the Viper Records debut of Hasan Salaam who uses music as his weapon. Hear the thoughts about current life from each MC who reflect upon the responsibilities before them and the culture in a brave new world along with new music and live representation on the mic, live from The Halftime Show with DJ Eclipse.

Download/Stream - J. Sands Of Lone Catalysts & Hasan Salaam Visit The Halftime Radio Show

Stream 5 Hours Of Essential 90's Indie Hip Hop by The Golden Era Blog

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From Natural Resources "Bum Deal" to DJ Spinna-produced duo I.G. Off & Hazadous and more gems that still capture the hearts of many Hip Hop fans despite being under the radar, :unkone brings vinyl from his crates to capture a golden era of independent Hip Hop.

Enter The "Vortex" Of Director & Composer John Carpenter's "Lost Themes" LP

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John Carpenter has been responsible for much of the horror genre’s most striking soundtrack work in the fifteen movies he’s both directed and scored. The themes can instantly flood his fans’ musical memory with imagery of a menacing shape stalking a babysitter, a relentless wall of ghost-filled fog, lightning-fisted kung fu fighters, or a mirror holding the gateway to hell. The all-new music on Lost Themes asks Carpenter’s acolytes to visualize their own nightmares.

“Lost Themes was all about having fun,” Carpenter says. “It can be both great and bad to score over images, which is what I’m used to. Here there were no pressures. No actors asking me what they’re supposed to do. No crew waiting. No cutting room to go to. No release pending. It’s just fun. And I couldn’t have a better set-up at my house, where I depended on (collaborators) Cody (Carpenter, of the band Ludrium) and Daniel (Davies, who wrote the songs for I, Frankenstein) to bring me ideas as we began improvising. The plan was to make my music more complete and fuller, because we had unlimited tracks. I wasn’t dealing with just analogue anymore. It’s a brand new world. And there was nothing in any of our heads when we started other than to make it moody.”

As is Carpenter’s style, repetition is the key to the thundering power of these tracks, their energy swirling with shredding chords, soaring organs, unnerving pianos and captivating percussion. Horror fans will be reminded of Carpenter’s past works, as well as ancestors like Mike Oldfeld’s Tubular Bells and Goblin’s Suspiria.

“They’re little moments of score from movies made in our imaginations,” Carpenter says.“Now I hope it inspires people to create films that could be scored with this music.” - Sacred Bones Records

A Jungle Of Natives: The Pace Report Interviews The Jungle Brothers, Dres, Red Alert & Jarobi

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Demonstrating an appreciation of the art, consciousness and culture, The Jungle Brothers demonstrate making you move your butt to knowledge and messages of positivity 28 years into Hip Hop. Joined by Kool DJ Red Alert, Dres of Black Sheep and De La Soul watch as they perform at New York's SOB's club in 2014 and interview backstage about the journey of Native Tongues and The JB's from past to present and how their form of self expression still plays a role as a knife which cuts through negativity with positivity and fun.

Stream "XII" by Brandon Williams ft. Pharoahe Monch, Robert Glasper, Frank McComb & More

The soulful assembly of Detroit drummer and producer Brandon Williams boasts the ability of leading musical talent who gather to deliver freedom for the mind body and soul on "XII". The soothing lead single "Now I Know" featuring Robert Glasper and Jesse Boykins sets the tone for an album which builds upon the foundation of R&B/Soul as musicians explore creatively and spiritually connect within themselves and the listener. Hear love translated into song powerfully as each song visualizes notions of love and happiness to draw you into the dream which Brandon creates.

Electro-Funk Band Juno What?! Release "Stranger" LP Stream

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Ain't nothin' but a party as Juno What?! ignite the dance floor with their latest LP "Stranger", a vocoder-laced, synth-driven electro-Funk jam in the vein of 80's greats such as Cameo, Zapp, Flyte Tyme and Prince.


"Juno What?! is a shameless dance party based in the music mecca of Denver, CO. This three-piece powerhouse delivers a deeply satisfying mix of live electro-funk and high-energy disco booty jams. The band formed in 2008 as an outlet for Joey Porter's organic-meets-electronic dance compositions and since then has released three independent albums (Late Night, Shameless, and Late Night Live). Touring regularly since 2009, JW?! has shared the stage with funk luminaries The Ohio Players, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, The Pimps of Joytime, Lettuce, and Bernie Worrell. Juno What?! audiences are treated to a band that appreciates both the classic pedigree of vintage vinyl dance cuts as well as futuristic sternum-bumping anthems."

Members: Joey Porter: Keyboards and Talkbox Garrett Sayers: Bass, Synth Bass Dan Schwindt: Guitar Tyrone Hendrix: Drums

Genre: Funk/Dance/Live Electronic

Hometown: Denver, CO

"Funkadophilus! & The Brass Operator (Or An Ode To Bootsy)" by Temu

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Straight out of a parallel universe, from the planet ANST short for AINT NO STOPPIN THIS,

Please welcome THE BRASS OPERATOR and the extraterrestrial,

Funk Philosopher- Groove Physicists,

FUNKADOPHILUS (otherwise known as Swedish talkbox Funk musician Temu)!

All music, vocals and mix by Temu Bacot

Horns by: Lars "The Brass Operator" Vissing

Mastering by: Jonathan Ojeda at bREAK THE NORM

Artwork by: @SeeRue

Try On A Smile With The Music Of Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics

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Featuring soulful lead vocals and a full horn section, Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics make earthy old-school '50s and '60s-style R&B. Enjoy their uplifting presence in two new singles for 2014 and download "Tried On A Smile" and "Can't We Pretend" here at iTunes.

BX Lyricist Magestic Gage Looks At The "Lost Future" Of Inner-City America

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Knee-deep in the streets, Magestic Gage uses his art of rhyme to weave a dramatic story from the point of view of an overseer observing the destruction of mislead ghetto youth. "Lost Future" leads the listener down the life journey of the oppressed with vivid images combined with reasoning behind the situation as Gage searches for the why behind the ongoing struggle of inner-city America.

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