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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Adele - "Skyfall" (60's Jazz Lounge Cover by Merv de Peyer)

By JR on 7:37 PM

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Smooth but deadly is the sound of Merv de Peyer who brings the Jazz to one of the best of Bond film themes. Let the Skyfall to the groovy swing and heavenly vocal arrangements of Merv de Peyer, who lends a smooth vibe to Adele's song while maintaining it's mysterious and intriguing feel.

For music that should have been made during the 60's... but wasn't, check out Merv's music on Soundcloud.

Visual Artist Paul Nichols Has Fun Designing The Hip Hop Calendar

By JR on 5:29 PM

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With rhymes 365 annual days plus some, artist Paul Nichols unloads his knowledge to create one of the most comprehensive visual accounts of Hip Hop history to date. Have fun with this musical and cultural phenomenon as Paul merges images with type to give a fun look at important dates including birthdays and landmark events.

Zoom in closer on each page of the calendar here at Paul's portfolio which show all 12 months of the year.

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 23: I Found Love

By JR on 1:00 PM

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Show your love for the sound of raw drum-heavy grooves on the 23rd volume of this new generation breakbeat series by cratesofjr. Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 23 gets the heart pumping with a showcase of 10 emerging indie musicians who play everything from laid-back Blues/Soul, racing Funk, Rock and traditional Soul. It's a soul baptism once again as you are annoited with a lovely offering of rhythms, plus punchy kicks and snares.

Sy Smith Brings Us A Pocket Full Of Joy On "Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete"

By JR on 12:28 PM

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Music so joyful and good for the soul it'll feel like a treat to endulge right away and save a little something for later. Sy Smith's "Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete" makes feelings within profound as her heavenly tone and art of song writing express the beauty of life. Known for getting down with the likes of The Foreign Exchange, Chris Botti and many more, Sy holds her own as usual with tunes to leave an imprint in your mind and soul. Kick back and enjoy the beautiful vibes of this remarkable singer!

In '76, Jaye P. Morgan Play It Funkier On EW&F's "Can't Hide Love"

Stay tuned for some smooth 70's Blue Eyed Soul as The Regal Beagle Lounge repress rare gems of Americana on 7" vinyl. The first in the 2018 reissue series is Jaye's groovy take on the Earth, Wind & Fire classic "Can't Hide Love", with "Here Is Where Your Love Belongs" on the b-side.

Available here at
 and on "Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul And Sounds From The Land Of The Free"

For 2018, Slice Of Spice Reissue Their Limited Edition Vinyl Releases

For die-hard Hip Hop's heads, the great label known as Slice Of Spice provide a haven of numerous gems which beg to be purchased physically. Dive in and experience a unique collection of quality releases that remind you of the pre-internet years. This catalog represents an era when the urge to buy new Hip Hop on vinyl frequently stood heavily at the back of your mind.

Royce & Preemo of PRhyme Talk Life & Hip Hop On AWOT Podcast

"This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome legendary lyricist Royce da 5'9 and legendary producer DJ Premier, together known as PRhyme, to the Upper West Side! We talk with the guys about their new album PRhyme 2, the most meaningful co-signs they've ever received, what Dr. Dre's studio speakers can do to an artist's music and their chest, how to react to internet trolls, all the numbers they have in their cell phones but never text, and their first ever TV appearances.

Royce discusses working three jobs a day after graduating high school in addition to starting his rap career, all with the threat of his father sending him to the army hanging over his head. Royce recalls almost rapping for Redman in Detroit, the open mics around town, his one-way plane ticket to NYC, working with Pharrell and Chad and Kelis before The Neptunes blew up, and how he ruined his first record contract with Tommy Boy.

Preemo reveals how he and Guru lived out of Branford Marsalis' brownstone in Brooklyn, meeting Dave Chapelle through Talib Kweli and Mos Def, knowing Ol Dirty Bastard when he had a staircase flattop in 1988, programming drums on Gangstarr records together with Guru, each of them punching buttons, and the absurdity of artists being paid to make an appearance in a music video. All that plus stories from the guys about Slaughterhouse, Jay-Z, Eminem, Danny Brown, Onyx, RZA, Killer Mike, and so much more!"

In 1970, I PYRANAS Throw Down With Psychedelic Library Funk

By JR on 9:06 AM

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Leave it up to Armagideon Times of SONOR Music to rediscover the funkiest of Italian Library gems. His latest is an energetic breakbeat-laden psych Funk bomb by I PYRANAS, the original soundtrack of "GIULETTA E ROMEO" opera, previously released on RCA ARC ALPS 11016 LP.

Music by I PYRANAS now available at Discogs

Subscribe to the eBay vinyl shop of Armagideon Times via RSS

Catch Up With 5-Octave Vocalist & Prince-Endorsed Guitarist Sidibe

By JR on 8:27 AM

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"Sidibe is a five octave vocalist, songwriter and guitarist with roots in Louisiana and Senegal. With a voice described as effortless, ethereal and otherworldly, Sidibe’s vocal range is as dynamic as her musical style. She manages to meld the classic and the contemporary to create a sound that is unique to her. Her identity is clear and it comes through her voice on every song.

Her songs frequently explore the romantic side of relationship. Love isn’t always lovely, and she tackles the downside of romance with a sense of hopefulness that reminds us even pain can be beautiful. In what has become another Sidibe signature, her lyrics resonate with vulnerability and honesty. She explains, “It’s all about honesty. Besides execution and skill, honesty is the most important thing an artist can bring to the process of creation.”… Read more

With a natural ease and confidence, Sidibe brings the listener into her sensual world and leaves no doubt that she is a true romantic. In April 2016, she brought Prince into her world with “I’m Only Dreaming”, a song he loved enough to include in his personally curated Purple Pick of the Week playlist. It was his final co-sign.

Sidibe’s role as executive producer on her projects and her enduring collaborative relationship with Nico Stadi (Justin Bieber) and the legendary Warryn Campbell (Musiq Soulchild, Kanye West, Angie Stone) have brought a sense of continuity to her music while still allowing for expansion. It has also earned her a loyal following. She recently released an exclusive Japan album and is currently featured on the NOW That’s What I Call Music CD."

Celebrate The Pharcyde With A Cool Video Mix Of Their OG Samples

By JR on 12:45 PM

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This definitely isn't the same-old sample mix that your used to. NOw FUTUR merges audio and video editing with traditional DJ blending for a celebration of The Pharcyde's best songs and original sample sources. For both the newcomer and novice of this group's great Hip Hop catalog, NOw FUTUR's "Samples Ride To The Pharcyde" mix provides entertainment. Witness the future of sample excavation using the medium of video as one creative Hip Hop head does his thing.
25th anniversary reissue of "Bizarre Ride" on colored vinyl, now available here at Turntable Lab

In '92, Hip Hop Duo M.C. AH-J & L.E.V. Are Out For Target Practice

By JR on 9:55 AM

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Chicago Hip Hop duo M.C. AH-J & L.E.V. aren't your average gun-packing group from the early 90's. Listen these menaces to society use beats and rhymes as their weapon against the government to expose the ills of inner city America in song.

Test Press Of Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud's "I Gotta Good Thing" Now Available

Get down with the funky dope maneuver of dynamic Hip Hop duo Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud as a rare test pressing of their classic music resurfaces. If you don't already know by now, Sup and Rud were known for having the master plan in the year of '88 with some of the funkiest beats and rhymes ever. It's gets no deeper as cratesofjr continues to mine the crates for the best in Golden Era Hip Hop music. Stay tuned for more rare test pressings to come!

Now available here at Discogs.

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