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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Elaine Amheard Blends Rock & Funk For Janet's "What Have You Done For Me Lately"

"Eliane, Swiss-born singer, guitarist and songwriter graduated from The New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music, New York. Besides her performances as a leader or a featured artist in New York’s most famous clubs, she also tours in North- and South America, Canada, Europe and Asia, where she appeared in international Festivals in China, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal and Mongolia - like the International Jazz Festival in Hong Kong, the Beijing Nine Gate Jazz Festival, the Shenzhen OCT Loft Festival, the Beishan International Festival in Zhuhai, the Jazzmandu Festival in Kathmandu, the Giant Steppes of Jazz Festival in Mongolia and the Yangon World Music Festival in Myanmar."

Ready To Bless Sounds Of Hip Hop, MC Wildelux Is "Down 4 Any Test"

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Last Kind Entertainment Media and Kogeemo Recordings Label presents........ "Down 4 Any Test" by Wildelux. Produced by Lafayette Ave. Scratches by Adlib Swayze (12 drunkies) Shot on location in Osaka, Japan. Directed by Romy Masaaki and edited by William "Wildelux" Berry.

KRFD-007 | Wildelux History -Mixtape- (Mixed By DJ Flight -KBK-)
WILDELUX History -Mixtape 2016 Mixed by DJ Flight (Kansai Beatz Krew)- (FREE D/L)
*From "Down 4 Any Test (Digital /12 inch release)" by WILDELUX..

★Download this mixtape |

Catch Up With Boogie Pioneer Kashif In A 2016 Interview & Music Celebration

By JR on 10:22 AM

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"Kashif’s contribution to R&B is without compare. As a teen, he rose to prominence in early 80s NYC as an in demand producer and solo artist. His hybridizing of traditional live band arrangements w/ synthesizers and drum machines played an integral role in developing the sound of Whitney Houston, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King and many others. He has been regarded by some as the architect of the boogie sound. Tune in for the 100th episode of the show featuring an in depth interview with Kashif!!!" - Night School

OSW Tracklist:

01 – Howard Johnson – So Fine
02 – Melba Moore – Take My Love
03 – Tavares – Love Line
04 – Kashif – I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
05 – Evelyn Champagne King – Love Come Down
06 – Whitney Houston & Kashif – Thinking About You
07 – Stacy Lattisaw – Jump Into My Life
08 – Kashif – The Mood
09 – Kashif – Ooh Love
10 – Kashif – Baby Don’t Break Your Baby’s Heart
11 – Kashif – Stone Love
12 – Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love
13 – Kashif – Love Letter Out Loud
14 – Kashif & Meli’isa Morgan – Love Changes

Evelyn Champagne King's Comprehensive Discography on "The Complete RCA Hits and More!" CD Set

By JR on 9:04 PM

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"Evelyn “Champagne” King ranks right up there with Donna Summer and Patti LaBelle at the top of the disco diva pantheon, but there has never been a domestically released collection to do her glittering career justice. Which is a real “shame”…but The Complete RCA Hits and More! not only offers, like the title says, all 24 hits she scored on the R&B and Pop charts for the RCA label, but also presents them in the 12”, alternate mix, and remix versions that really got the dance floor shaking back in the day! So you get the 12” mixes of big hits like “Shame,” “I Don’t Know If It’s Right,” “I’m in Love,” and “Love Come Down,” the “Dance Mix” of “Your Personal Touch,” remixes of “High Horse” and “Shake Down,” and so on. Soul expert David Nathan contributes liner notes with exclusive quotes from Evelyn, and we’ve added photos from the RCA vaults and 12” single and album art. All 26 tracks are remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York…Break out the bubbly, cuz the definitive Evelyn." - Real Gone Music

Singer/Songwriter Kymar Garner Praises The Lord As "KING"

"Rising Singer/Songwriter "Kymar Garner" has long since captivated hearts by her life changing lyrics and equally Inspiring Voice. This Chicago native got her start in church under the pastoral care of her parents. It was there where her gifts were first nurtured. Kymar has had the privilege to share stages with some of the most world renowned Gospel Artist such as Mary Mary, Donald Lawrence, and Kierra Sheard just to name a few. With such inspiration and opportunities Kymar has embarked on a solo career that is sure to produce some of the most powerful singing and spiritual messages to date."

MC Justice The Backbone aka J Spine Roasts The Mic On "Recite"

By JR on 4:36 PM

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Justice The Backbone stays rockin that ill shit each time he emerges with a new showcase of rhyme skills in his mission for microphone domination. Listen as this independently-driven MC takes the power of his voice into his own hands to prove his lyrical ability.

Follow The Rhymes Of Little Vic On "Music For Conquering Thy Neighbor"

By JR on 2:27 PM

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Since stepping onto the underground Hip Hop scene with sharp rhymes backed by production from the likes of DJ Premier and Buck-wild in '05, Little Vic remains consistent and puts on a show on each of his features since. Hit play and enjoy an overview of the damage which this talented lyricist has done over the years in collaborating with other well-respected MCs.

OUT4FAME Fest 2016 ft. De La Soul, Slick Rick, Jeru, The Beatnuts, Onyx, Meth & Red + eMC

Enjoy footage of partial and full sets from the OUT4FAME festival in 2016. It's a gathering of NYC Hip Hop greatness who hit the stage to feel the embrace of enthusiastic European fans who live and breathe classic Hip Hop.

For performances by their regional artists, check out 360igde on YouTube for even more footage from OUT4FAME.

The Budos Band Drop Aggressive Psychedelic 7" Single "Maelstrom"

"Much like the infamous weather phenomenon the song is named after, MAELSTROM swirls and surges; drenching the listener in psych feedback while pulling downward, ever downward, into a sonic abyss. The bass provides the current, a pulse that pushes through the waves of feedback before the crashing storm of horns furiously hammers the listener. There is nothing pretty here, nothing safe; this is the Budos unhinged. They’re pushing their audience into uncharted waters and plotted a course into the eye of an electric storm.

The guitar’s hypnotic fuzz-laden intro builds to a peak before dropping the weight of the full Budos sound upon the listener. Horns slash and dive, the drums thunder downhill, the organ wails like winter wind while the combination of bass and guitar rumble and soar around you. This is the Avalanche of sound; the wrath of The Budos delivered through a combination of driving power and snarling menace. All before it Is crushed beneath the AVALANCHE." - Daptone Records

Producer Shuko Gets Soulful On The Gospel-Driven "Help Me Find A Way"

By JR on 8:43 AM

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Shuko channels the holy spirit in beats on a soulful track from his summer 2016 instrumental LP "Electric Relaxation". The vibe is serene and the rhythm thumping as Shuko's heavenly arrangement of live piano, Rhodes and organ merges with the uplifting presence of Gospel vocals and neck-snapping drums for Hip Hop that's as easy as Sunday morning.

A Summer Of Sweet Soul: Music by TRISTAN, The Love Experiment, Carolyn Malachi & More

By JR on 5:22 PM

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Bear witness to one of the most dedicated labels to new millennium R&B/Soul who boasts a roster of highly-talented musicians, Japan's Sweet Soul Records. For the summer of 2016, this prolific unit stays busy in presenting a heap of quality music which is sure to set the soundtrack for your life whether your going through love, pain, soul searching and more emotions which each of these artists profoundly express through their songwriting craft.

Enjoy a summer of Sweet Soul Records below. This label's approach to distribution is quite unique in the fact that many of their albums have been exclusively released through Japanese retailers such as iTunes and Tower Japan stores. In addition to ear for top-notch talent, this exclusivity makes their music more of a rare find than most R&B/Soul that's out there.

Del & B-Real of Cypress Hill Visit The 1993 KUSF Blunted Hip Hop Special

The year is 1993: Clinton had just taken office, Dr Dre's G Thang single was brand new, The Hiero crew was on the come-up and weed wasn't as near legal or acceptable in Hip Hop media as it is now. Del The Funky Homosapien, B-Real, C-Funk, Mozilla and Funkyman light up Billy Jam's KUSF radio with marijuana-based raps and share their opinion about how the culture of this drug is beginning to become more mainstream.

The bulk of the interview segment centers around B-Real, one of the leaders of the 1993 weed renaissance in Hip Hop who shares an in-depth look into the culture he is helping to create with his group Cypress Hill.

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