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From Volt, To Atlantic & Cotillion: Soul Singer Margie Joseph Shares Her Story

By JR on 6:01 AM

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"After a small hiatus the Ghetto Disco show returns full force. We are beyond thrilled to introduce our next special guest, a lady who need no introduction, the one & only, Margie Joseph.

To say it is an absolute honour to have her on the show would be an understatement. Margie is a Ghetto Disco favourite and we simply cannot wait to share this show.

Margie Joseph was born in Gautier, Mississippi, and sang in her church choir. In 1967, during her time attending Dillard University in New Orleans where she studied speech and drama, she recorded some demos at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. This led to her debut on the Okeh label, "Why Does a Man Have to Lie?".

In 1969, she signed with Volt Records, a subsidiary of Stax, and recorded the single "One More Chance" with producer Willie Tee. Her next single, "Your Sweet Lovin'", produced by Freddy Briggs, became her first hit, reaching # 46 on the Billboard R&B chart. Its follow-up, a version of The Supremes' "Stop! In the Name of Love" also became a minor hit on the pop chart (# 96 pop, # 38 R&B). An eight-minute version of the track, arranged by Dale Warren, preceded by an Isaac Hayes-inspired rap entitled "Woman Talk," was featured on her 1971 album, Margie Joseph Makes a New Impression and received a lot of radio air play. Her second album, Phase II, in 1972, also featured a Supremes' cover, "My World Is Empty Without You," but failed to achieve the same success.

She then signed to the Atlantic label and worked on three albums with producer Arif Mardin. Her vocals on her cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" garnered comparisons between her and Aretha Franklin. A string of R&B hits followed, with her version of Paul McCartney's "My Love" becoming her most successful record, reaching # 69 on the Hot 100 and # 10 on the R&B chart in 1974, though Cashbox magazine placed the song at #4 R&B. The next album Margie in 1975 is sometimes regarded as her creative peak and contained the singles, "Words (Are Impossible)" and "Stay Still", both reaching the R&B chart. She then recorded a duet version of "What's Come Over Me" with the popular Philadelphia group, Blue Magic, giving her another hit (R&B # 11).

In 1976, she moved to Cotillion Records to make the album Hear the Words, Feel the Feeling, produced by Lamont Dozier, the title track reaching # 18 on the R&B chart. Returning to Atlantic, she recorded the album Feeling My Way in 1978 with producer Johnny Bristol, but without great commercial success and she was released from her contract. After recording an album with Dexter Wansel for the WMOT label, which went unreleased after the label closed down, she decided to turn to a teaching career. However, in 1982, she recorded the single "Knockout" for the small H.C.R.C. label and it became her last big hit, reaching # 12 on the R&B chart. She re-signed to Cotillion and recorded the 1984 album Ready for the Night with producer Narada Michael Walden, but was then dropped by the label.

In 1993, hip-hop female trio Salt-N-Pepa used Margie's 1970s single "Your Sweet Lovin'" for their hit single "None of Your Business".

She returned to work in human services, while also recording a gospel album, Latter Rain, released in 2006.

Many of her earlier recordings have been reissued on CD. There is also a CD which features Margie, Blue Magic and Major Harris, recorded live at the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, released in 2006 on the Collectables label."

Singer Beth Emerges From Her Motown Family Lineage On "Free"

By JR on 2:48 PM

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"Equating singing to breathing is completely reasonable, when it’s coming from Beth Griffith-Manley, singer, songwriter, actress and daughter of Johnny Griffith, the legendary and Multi-Grammy® Award-winning pianist/keyboardist. He was an original member of the Funk Brothers, Motown’s in-house studio band that created the famous ‘Motown Sound.’"

Enjoy the lovely voice of Beth who translates the pain and joy of love into song on a couple stand-out songs from her 2017 LP "Free". Read more of her bio which showcases her cool Motown family lineage and career path here at

D.I.T.C. Discuss Hip Hop For Over An Hour With PopKiller Poland TV

By JR on 11:29 AM

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"D.I.T.C. (Lord Finesse, O.C., A.G., Diamond D, Boogie Blind - 100 min interview (2010, Poland,
Our incredibly long video interview with the legendary Diggin In The Crates crew is something that I'm really proud of. I've had an opportunity to talk with a lot of great artists but this interview is still the biggest thing. Being able to talk for 100 minutes with your favourite rap group and ask them about nearly everything? Priceless." - Pop Killer PL

Tristan, Heston & Blacknuss All Stars Remake Keni Burke's "Rising To The Top"

Keep your head up now and get up of the ground as these voices of Funk and Soul encourage your ascent to higher heights in a tribute to a classic tune by Keni Burke. On the R&B side is UK band Tristan who utilize the soulful voice of singer Heston on their soulful remake of "Rising To The Top". On the Funk side is Blacknuss Allstars band who join singer Lisa Nilsson on their version which is more raw but very soulful as well.

Vinyl Crates Customized With Great Record Label Logos by Apple Vintage

By JR on 12:07 PM

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custom wooden record box

Apple Vintage are a craft shop from the UK who make music nostalgia and collecting special through their custom line of vintage wooden vinyl boxes. Based in the heart of rural Somerset UK and selling on eBay, Apple offer worldwide shipping for all of their lovingly hand-crafted designs. Each of their creations are manufactured from sustainable solid wood stock and bear the logos of legendary record labels.

Shop for your own wooden crate customized by Apple Vintage here at eBay.

ISM Records Bring Boogie Funk In 2017 And Beyond by Modern Artists

By JR on 1:43 PM

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"Created by Yam Who? in East London, 2009, Ism Records is home to the likes of NYC disco band Odyssey, Ron Basejam, Imagination, Qwestlife, Freekwency, Spektrum, Robert Owens, Tiny Cornelius, Natasha Watts, PBR Streetgang, John Morales, Somerville & Wilson, DJ Raw Sugar, Alena, Gemini Brothers, The Hinge Project, Leebo Freeman, Joey Dice, Somerville & Wilson, Yam Who?, Ashley Beedle, Dead Rose Music Company, Soopaman Inc, The Baker Brothers & many more!

Drawing heavily on inspiration from the hedonistic, downtown creative vibe of 70’s & 80’s New York and integrated with the modern London dance scene, ISM is a progressive label, open to all cultural influences and the sound of the label is firmly focused in world of electronica and cutting edge technology."

Shop ISM Records releases here at Juno Download.

James Brown Singer Martha High Talks New Book, Edan Pays Tribute

"Miss Martha High is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets when it comes to Old school Soul music. She was a background singer with the illustrious James Brown for years and has since went on to work with Sax Man Maceo Parker. At age 72, she's continues to travel, singing and entertaining. She has a new book, "You're A Funny Cat James Brown", which is taking the industry by storm. The book gave her the opportunity to talk about the good days on the road with James Brown and his work with so many legendary artist and entertainers." - G-Tube Radio

"In part 2 Martha High opens up about her family, her life, living in the James Brown Estate, and taking care of his children. She also talks about a new singing project, "Singing For The Good Times", which radio DJ's around the country are raving about. This interview is for sure one for the history books, as she and she only can talk about some of the things that happened during her many years on the road with the Legendary James Brown"

Presch Media Brings Sought-After Jazz & Funk Grails To Bandcamp

By JR on 12:35 PM

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This Austrian label goes to the depths of the crates to show their world view of rare music with a catalog of Jazz Fusion, Funk and African music. Enjoy the album stream of "NIAGARA" by by German jazz drum legend Klaus Weiss, the Q-Tip-sampled 1976 album by The Heath Brothers plus much more at their Bandcamp page.

Jaee Logan Joins Verdine White of EW&F On The Jazzy "Sun Rider"

By JR on 12:04 PM

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"In the world of music there are but a few who have bridged the divide between artist and producer. Jaee Logan is one of them. A successful multi-platinum producer in his own right, Jaee has crossed many bridges on his way to supporting and enhancing the lives of aspiring and successful musicians all over the world. As a musician Jaee is a supremely gifted multi-instrumentalist.

As a music producer, songwriter, vocals coach, musical director, session musician,
and performer, Jaee has worked with Sheila E, Pebbles, Timex Social Club, Club Nouveau, The Spinners, The Whispers, Rosie Gaines, Michael Jeffries, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and many
more. Mr. Logan has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Last year 2016 Jaee wrote, recorded, and produced his groundbreaking smooth-jazz album Sun Rider. Jaee is also a tireless, very dedicated, hard-working, dynamic performer.

When amassing a team of the most innovative, talented, and creative musicians available he completes a true trifecta of jazz, funk, and love. This is what one experiences from the blistering performances on the Sun Rider album. There are some big-name musicians who recorded on Sun Rider with Jaee. Verdine White of Earth Wind And Fire is one of them. Jaee has worked very hard in his pursuit of true spiritual expression through music. From Japan to the UK, the United States to Australia, Jaee has created truth of self and displayed an uncanny ability to touch mass markets with his musical creations.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, hard-working, and spiritually-
grounded person than Jaee. His work ethic and determination to get to the core of it all is unsurpassed, and he looks to a brighter future for more than himself, but to the healing of entire nations through music of the soul. Jaee Logan is a true American icon."

Van Hunt Releases "Popular" LP, Talks The Philosophy Of Production

From Van:

“I put my whole world into making this record. But looking back, my world was a different place then. I was different, then. I thought my world was all there was. I was to learn that the emotions on that record couldn’t overwhelm the events that would befall its release. piracy, changing technology, collapsing economy — we — this entire industry — went under.

I say, “we” because while my peers celebrated the crumbling of the major label system, I lamented the loss of an infrastructure that had produced the magic that made me want to make music. Listen to Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ and tell me where in today’s commercial landscape, with the focus on creating connections between services and customers – and not content, can that kind of raw emotion be shaped by state of the art engineering and packaged up for a listening audience? There was much more than an economic lattice that was shifting, there was a channel for apprenticeship of craft that was closing.

It was the eve of revolution; and the morning after awaited. only now, recording artists had fewer tools with which to face it. I suspected that, despite the glee with which “indies” cheered the death of goliath, every minor wants to be a major — and as with all revolutions, lamentations are paved over by first memories while the new business model is formed from old architecture and unknown phenomena. One lesson remains obvious, though: we are all responsible for the society that births our culture, and the manner in which it is nurtured. And that is why I approached blue note with an idea for a fresh start. My strength allows me to be proud of the last 10 years. Their sincerity allows me to be excited about the next.

I’ve cried three times in the last 10 years. And none of those were when I was told that ‘Popular’ wouldn’t be released. I cried whenever I felt justified for making that record. In the face of a churning reality, it took one online comment from a listener, and two emails from Blue Note — one with a release date, and one with the album’s press release – to let me know I wasn’t crazy for hanging on all this time.

And, if I may allow myself one more indulgence, I will wade in the praise of my woman – the hidden source of this record. She said, “you will show them what timelessness means.” And another quote from a friend says, “You get mad respect as an artist and in these days of false idols and idiocy that means something. Anybody that can produce beauty in the midst of this shit is Enlightened.”

Sean Price Is The Rap Bar-Barian In Artwork by CUBAS Marcos

By JR on 3:30 PM

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There has been artwork which portrays Sean P aka Big Ruck as a beast of Hip Hop but none quite like this as illustrator CUBAS Marcos uses pen & ink to make P appear larger than life. Ruck is rappin' his ass off on his posthumous 2017 LP "Imperius Rex" as he joins his wife Bern, Boot Camp Clik and The Wu for a lyrical showdown.

Frank Nitt Talks J Dilla, Detroit & New Projects On Soul Circle Radio 2017

By JR on 7:05 AM

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"Show 187 featured the legendary MC/ Hip-Hop icon, Frank Nitt (Frank-n-Dank, Yancey Boys). We had an amazing time chopping it up about upcoming projects, Detroit hiphop, and of course about his best friend, J Dilla! Be on the lookout for The Dilla Donuts event, during Labor Day weekend on Sunset Blvd brought to you by Delicious Vinyl & Frank Nitt!"

View the songs from DJ MZA's playlist here at

"The Jay Dee Tapes" 2017 Record Store Day vinyl by Frank N Dank & Jay Dee now available at Turntable Lab.

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